Made with our patented Over-Center™ feature, our hydraulic boat lifts is our signature product. The Basta Boatlifts hydraulic boat lift offers exceptional safety, reliability and ease of use.
The only manufacturer of hydraulic boat lifts to offer both aluminum and galvanized steel boat lifts.  At Basta Boatlifts we feel strongly that larger lifts are best made from steel, but that aluminum offers compelling advantages for small and medium models.

Which boat lift is best for me?

With the simplest yet most sophisticated engineering in the industry, Basta Boatlifts are the highest quality option, hands-down. But finding out which one is right for you is a critical part of your satisfaction with your boat lift. 

When making your choice, here are some of the questions you may want to ask:

1) How much does my boat weigh? 

This is the main factor to consider. Generally, aluminum boat lifts are best for boats weighing under 7,000 pounds while galvanized steel is best for heavier boats. Also remember that boat manufacturer specifications often underestimate the actual weight of the boat. If you suspect the weight of your boat may be underestimated, take the time to have it weighed. And don’t forget about your gear—coolers full of food and beverages, fishing supplies, emergency equipment, ski/wakeboard equipment, kicker motors, upgraded engine packages, etc. all add to the weight of your boat. 

2) Will I be upgrading my boat in five to ten years? 

Purchasing a boat lift with a higher weight capacity today could save you money down the road. 

3) Do I plan to sell my house or slip in five to ten years? 

Purchasing a boat lift with a higher weight capacity can also add significant resale value to your house or slip when you decide to sell.

All of Basta Boatlifts' aluminum boat lifts provide:

A sleek, modern design 
Adjustable lifting height (most models) 
Easy-set adjustable leg pins 
Lightweight frame for easy seasonal installation and removal 
Reduced shipping costs over steel models

All of Basta Boatlifts' galvanized steel boat lifts provide: 

A solid, robust frame for a more stable lifting platform 
Long life; reduced joint wear issues 
Likely cost savings in deep water situations due to the availability/cost of leg material.